A very tl;dr response.


I got this message from tumblrvigilante over on my fuckyeahmlp pony blog. Since it’s very long and has little to do with actual ponies I decided I’ll answer it here. And yes I know my opinions are far out there, and few people really understand them. But that’s okay.


Pretty much all of my points were combatted with “no, because I don’t believe ____.” Which is fine — not in the sense that it’s good, it  isn’t, but you are right in that I can’t necessarily say omg you cannot say that it is illegal ahdjfkshdfsdf, and mostly I don’t have the spoons right now to repeat myself. I stand by each and every point I made, though, and still insist that the behavior is damaging.

I’m not really sure how you’d want to me to respond. The debate isn’t about facts, it’s about our own opinions and beliefs. I also stand by all my points.

I will say this, however — when you say that you aren’t against PWD because you use slurs, you’re missing the point. Intent is not the same as behavior. You’re damaging people by using those slurs. When you say “retard(ed)” or “derp(y),” you’re equating disabilities with being fun/ny, silly, etc. Which is not okay. Think of the words you could be using to replace those words?

I’m not missing your point. I understand your point completely. My counter point is that even if it’s damaging, I’m still allowed to say it. Also, you’re repeating yourself. As am I.

“Oh, that was so ridiculous!” “That pony sure is over the top.” “That pony just did something completely incompetent!” “She sure is acting funny.” Replacing the word “retard(ed)” or “derp(y)” with any of those words is damaging, because it’s equating a disability with ridiculousness/being over the top/incompetency/entertainment. Not okay.

I don’t really understand this. Even if I were to replace the words with ones you’ve listed above, the intent of laughing at Derpy because she’s the stupid one is still there, right? Even though I’m not using “slurs” I’m still laughing at her because her character is the dumb one. Just because the words coming out of mouth aren’t “retarded” or “derpy” doesn’t mean I’m being any less damaging, right?

Or, in the more common use of the words, you could be saying something like, “I don’t agree with what just happened there, it was wrong/bad/funny.”  When you equate words that signify disabilities with something bad and/or worthy of ridicule, you are effectively saying, whether you mean to/think you are or not, that those disabilities are bad and/or worthy of ridicule. Which is not, and will not ever be okay.

I really have no idea what you mean by this paragraph. I think you’re saying that because I say something, it automatically means something else. I really don’t know.

I think at this point we’re just going around in circles. We have very different opinions about this matter, and that’s okay.